Dnipro, Ukraine - March 3, 2020

A leading airline company Wizz Air has teamed up with Simply Contact with the goal of creating a client-oriented call center. Simply Contact’s in-house specialists begin full development of the Wizz Air outsourced call center.

Wizz Air is Europe’s s fastest-growing and greenest airline with 121 aircraft and over 700 routes in its network. In 2019 the airline transported 41.7 million passengers and is continuously growing its passenger throughput and the number of destinations.

Wizz Air chose Simply Contact for its profound expertise in customer service for the airline industry and previous experience. The newly established contact center provides full client support, processing of incoming and outgoing calls, and manages some of the postal inquiries made by clients or their legal representatives. The contact center is multilingual, providing support in languages including Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, and French, which highlights orientation towards European markets.

By now, Wizz Air customer service center is planned to accommodate over 100 workers and is expected to expand in the nearest future. There are further plans for staff expansion and opening branch offices in several new cities.

“I am sure Simply Contact and Wizz Air partnership will prove to be long-lasting and productive. Our experts will help establish the most efficient customer service processes, and ensure uninterrupted work of the contact center,” said Konstantin Ryzhov, co-Founder and CEO of Simply Contact.

About Simply Contact:

Simply Contact has been one of the leading outsourcing contact centers based in Ukraine for 5+ years. The company employs top specialists working in offices based in Dnipro and Poltava, providing unique contact centers for every customer individually.

Media Contact | Simply Contact:

  • sales@simply-contact.com.ua
  • +1 (888) 3992278

About Wizz Air:

Wizz Air is the biggest low-cost airline cooperating in countries of Eastern and Central Europe. It provides over 700 directions from more than 20 bases and connects 155 locations across 40 countries. Its squad consists of 5,000 experts who perfectly fulfill the goal of providing high-quality solutions and low prices that makes them a leader among competitors of the international airline market. The loyalty of regular customers and a choice of 42 million customers in the past year - this is the best proof of this. WIZZ has at its disposal an all-Airbus fleet of 121 planes. CH-Aviation announced that judging by the latest collected data, Wizz Air has one of the youngest airline fleets worldwide.

Wizz Air is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker WIZZ. It also included in the FTSE All-Share and FTSE 250 Indices. Wizz Air is registered under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), the worldwide criterion in the field of airline safety appreciation - which is a guarantee of quality for customers.

It also has many awards that confirm the ratio of quality and price, it's a guarantee of superior service. As an example - exclusive safety and product rating agency airlineratings.com admitted that Wizz Air is in the world’s top 10 secure airlines. Recently, it received another respect - “Airline of the Year” from the Air Transport Awards. As a fact, it's the unique worldwide award that admits first-class companies in the aerospace industry in the most important categories of the year.

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