Simply Contact is a contact center founded in Ukraine.

On 24 February 2022 around 5 a.m, Russia launched a devastating attack on Ukraine advancing on several fronts. Invaders are ruining peaceful Ukrainian cities and towns, their missile strikes killed dozens of civilians. Russia put Ukrainian people in danger bringing fear, pain, tears, and death. There is no Ukrainian who isn’t affected by this war. People have to hide in the bomb shelters, metro, having lack food and water, and just pray to stay alive and for their families to survive. 

We at Simply Contact had hoped that the Russian invasion of Ukraine wouldn’t happen. But in advance, we had prepared an action plan that we immediately started to follow. That’s why we provide continuous work on our projects. We stand by our dedication to providing uninterrupted high-quality service at all times whenever possible. 

One of our main priorities is our people. At this moment, we care about our employees, help them and their families move to a safe place at other locations of Simply Contact, and stay as far away from danger as possible. Besides, we support our government and charity organizations to help the Ukrainian army and families who are suffering from this war. 

If you have the ability to help, please support the Ukrainian people:

  1. Battle the Russian disinformation by sharing what’s really happening in Ukraine.
  2. Donate to support the Ukrainian army –,
  3. Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross –
  4. Donate to Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund –
  5. Send Urgently-Needed Medical Aid –

Stand with Ukraine.