We have tuned our customer support services to help SMBs and enterprises focus on their long-term business goals.
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Scope of Services
Focus on large-scale goals and outsource routine or non-core activities to a professional experienced vendor. As a result, you optimize business processes and reduce operational costs while reinventing your workflows. We continuously invest in technology and staff training to ensure our customers solve their operational challenges, reach growth goals, and mitigate risks along the way.
  • Back office support
  • Data entry
Customer experience
To win competition, it is essential to find a reliable outsourcing partner to set new standards of customer service in the industry. We’ll ensure your business is reachable 24/7 in multiple languages via a variety of communication channels. As a result, you provide premium consistent service to your customers while reducing costs and optimizing support workflows.
Customer Acquisition
As the company sets goals of sales growth and lead generation, it requires a professional outsourcing company to help find and engage leads. We at Simply Contact have years of experience in increasing sales and marketing efficiency with outbound calls and lead generation services. Lower customer acquisition costs and increase revenue with our KPI-driven approach.
How much does it cost to outsource your customer support?
Our Industry Expertise
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Reinvent and simplify business operations

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Operative solutions of the complexities of customers arising from the use of your products or services.

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Advising on the choice of goods and services, searching for alternative products and ordering.

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Agents available 24/7 for customer service and support

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Increase the sales
of your products and services

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We collect the actual database of potential customers, attracting them to purchase your goods and services.

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Analysis of the client’s attitude to the service or product; evaluation of the company’s performance

FAQ: Outsourced Customer Support Services

What are the benefits of outsourcing customer support?

If a company chooses an outsourcing vendor wisely, outsourcing customer support becomes the best strategy to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, you get an ability to scale up and down when necessary, establish a better control over customer service workflows, and expand your resources. 

How to choose a reliable outsourcing services provider?

We recommend studying customer reviews and a potential partner’s case studies. It is important to hire a company with solid experience in the field and in your specific industry. Additionally, it is important to get along with team members to establish efficient communication. 

How to calculate customer support services cost?

We are all about transparency. Therefore, unlike any other company, we provide a handy calculator that allows estimating your project budget instantly.

However, for large projects, it is important to consider all project details. Leave your request to have our manager prepare a custom quote for your specific project.

What is the correct way to outsource customer service?

For best results, it is important to clearly establish your goals and choose the right partner. Usually, we help our customers to set the project roadmap and then work towards executing it. Of the key elements of success is well-established monitoring and analytics processes to continuously increase the efficiency of customer support.

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