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Case studies

See how Simply Contact helped industry leaders and startups transform their customer care, improve the quality of customer service, and increase cost efficiency along the way.

Wizz Air


Provide faster and better support for WizzAir customers in multiple languages, in order to reduce waiting time and enhance the quality of service.

6000 calls handled per day
98 agents on the line
24/7 perations
7 service languages
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We have chosen Simply Contact for their expertise and experience in the travel & airlines industry. Now Simply Contact provides multichannel support for our customers in multiple languages. Our cooperation gives us a reliable foundation for further scaling of our customer service activities. We do recommend Simply Contact as a well-qualified and responsible partner.

Ewa Danecka
Head of Customer Experience

Yves Rocher


Handle outbound and inbound calls and order processing tasks, provide a high level of service to clients and ensure a monthly sales increase of 10% or higher.

2600 outbound calls handled per day
60 agents on the line
10% sales conversion increase
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We have cooperated with Simply Contact since 2014. From the beginning, Simply Contact has been a professional and reliable vendor. They implement specific analytics and quality management practices that ensure the highest quality of customer service. Simply Contact’s innovative and effective motivation schemes for their agents helped us achieve our sales goals. Yves Rocher recommends Simply Contact as a qualified partner in inbound and outbound customer support.

Marina Voloshina
Head of Client Marketing

Transportation Startup

2 service channels
2400 requests resolved per day
24/7 operations
3 service languages
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Our team provides full 24/7 support for the company’s drivers and customers. Our main goals on the project were to launch quickly, establish an efficient training process, and ensure great performance monitoring & analytics. We also aim to adapt and stay flexible as our customer’s business goals and requirements change.

Project Manager at Simply Contact



Ensure a smooth transition from in-house to outsourced contact сenter to improve quality and customer experience and make sure data is transferred quickly and reliably.

98% of requests resolved within 120 seconds
95% of clients mark service quality as excellent
5 channels supported
12000 сalls handled per month
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METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine has been working with Simply Contact since May 2020. Currently, the Simply Contact support team handles up to 12,000 customer requests per month while providing a high level of customer satisfaction. They set up a CRM system that allows accumulating customers’ queries through multiple channels and ensures the security of clients’ data. Simply Contact proved themselves as a reliable partner, and we appreciate their input in customer experience development.

Olga Syomkina
Customer Experience Specialist



Consult clients, process orders, coordinate delivery, give warranty/service advice, and ensure at least 30% of incoming line sales.

5500 calls handled per day
60% executed orders
3500 calls with leads
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Customer experience has significantly improved since Simply Contact came on board. Their impact can be verified by the influx of positive reviews and their rapid response time. We were impressed with their communication skills and empathy towards the customers. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Simply Contact as a reliable partner.


Head of Customer Support

Nova Poshta


Resolve customer requests for shipment tracking, delivery cost calculation, loyalty program advice, and additional service ordering.

7500 calls handled per day
98% recevied calls
62 agents on the line
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We started cooperating with Simply Contact in 2015. The project was launched quickly and on time. The IT work was perfect, and agent performance was satisfactory from the beginning. We are happy with the Simply Contact team’s performance.

Feliks Shumovkij
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