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Gather, capture, store, and process data the right way - assign data entry tasks to our seasoned specialists to save time and costs.

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The ordering service allows your customers to get quality advice in choosing your product / service, finding the best alternatives, as well as recommendations on the related products.

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Administration can be time-consuming and cumbersome - back-office outsourcing services help fix the situation.

ROI > 100%
We provide multiple returns on the investments of our customers

Versatile Back-Office Outsourcing for Any Purpose

Centralized management
Focus on the major business tasks and workflow optimization tasks while specialized experts do all the routine, manual stuff for you (including paperwork, data gathering, storing, and processing, administration, management of all sorts, etc.).
Ultimate cost savings
All the little things are not only cumbersome to handle - they also accumulate unnecessary business downtime and costs. Outsourcing back-office services help save these costs and preserve your precious nerves by eliminating routine.
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How we operate


Project planning

It all starts with thorough requirements gathering and analysis and in-depth planning to set the foundation for the whole project.


Team gathering

Based on the purpose, scope, and other specifics of the project, we gather a fitting back-office support service team tailored individually.


Project kick-off

With the project plan and a prepared team in hand, we kick off the project lifecycle, adjusting every little thing along the way.

Back-Office Support

What are back-office support services?

Back-office support is when profiled specialists handle support and administration internal office tasks not related to communicating with clients and other “frontend activities”. This, basically, includes data management, order fulfillment, corporate administration, and tasks like that. 

Why do companies outsource back-office support?

Outsourcing a back-office support service can be a highly cost-efficient opportunity for a business that needs to optimize resource consumption by aligning internal workflow processes. A company may also simply lack the required personnel whereas outsourced specialists are always up to the task.

Why choose Simply Contact as a back-office support provider?

Simply Contact is a reliable back-office service provider that brings opportunities well-tried-and-tested in the market, acknowledged by numerous clients, and boasting a well-formed pool of outsourcing professionals. We offer diverse service options to help you optimize the smallest cogs in the framework of your business.

What is the difference between back-office and front-office outsourcing?

The difference is major - front-office outlines the tasks and processes focused on clients, market presentation, promotion, and other external processes. Back-office, in turn, all about the “backend” of the office - all the internal stuff, including paperwork, staff management, registry keeping, data processing, etc.

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